This is Cool – many songs has opposite words in the title like  – Devil or Angel – Clovers, Right Place Wrong Time – Dr John,  Blue Days Black Nights – Buddy Holly.  Play along at Midnight on the “Pepper” Paul show on Crusin’ 92.1 WVLT.  See Ya On The Radio !

Hey Thanks To Tom Garrity Jr. for this theme.  Songs that mention a musical instrument in the title of the song.   few ideas – Bread – the guitar man,  Ink Spots – Slap That Bass, Billy Joel – Piano Man. Tuesday at Midnight – on the “Pepper” Paul show.  See Ya on The Radio !

Theme for September 21st -Exercise

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Songs the mention at type of Exercise in the title of the song; Run-Walk-Skip-Jump-lift-Move-Hop.  So Let’s Get Physical and think of some Exercise songs. All Happening on the “Pepper” Paul show at Midnight on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT !  See Ya On The Radio !!!

Tuesday starting at midnight on the “Pepper” Paul show the theme is                           Good Or Bad  – Songs that has the word Good or Bad in the Title of the song like.          Good Golly Miss Molly – Bad To The Bone – I’m Into Something Good – Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Get It ?   So Call The HotLine 856-696-0092 Live on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT


Songs that say Goodbye – the End – Gone – Leaving – So Long You Get, well just call in (856-696-0092) and play along on the “Pepper” Paul showstarting at Tuesday Night at Midnight on Cruisin’  92.1 WVLT.  See Ya On The Radio !!!

June 28th Theme

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It’s The Guy’s Turn – Songs with a Guy’s Name In The Title of the Song;  bill bailey – bobby darin – message to Michael – dionne warwick – Get the Idea.  Live on the “Pepper” Paul show at midnight on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT – call in with your request at 856-696-0092. 


Songs that mention Summer or thing you do during Summer – Fishing, Swim, boating, etc. You can call in to Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT with your Request 856-696-0092. Starting at Midnight on the “Pepper” Paul show.  See Ya On The Radio !